José Rubens Vivian Scharlack

Tax and Corporate

Recognized as one of the most admired tax attorneys in Brazil in 2016 by the publication Análise 500, Jose Rubens is graduated from the School of Law, University of São Paulo (USP), with MBA from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) and an (ongoing) LL.M. from the University of Miami.

Jose has acted as a Professor of Law in both the FAAP School of Business Administration (2010-2012) and the Law School of São Paulo (Direito GV) (2008). He has also acted as General Counsel of the Belgium-Luxembourg-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Belgalux (2012-2014) and is currently President of the Tax Law Commission of the International Association of Young Lawyers – AIJA (2015-2017)

Jose is also a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) and has extensive experience as international panelist and writer, having published many articles and being co-author of books within his fields of practice.

Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Mandarim


Gabriel Burjaili de Oliveira


Gabriel is graduated from the School of Law, University of São Paulo (USP), and Masters in Civil Law, Civil Procedure and Contracts from the São Paulo School of Law (EPD).

Gabriel has more than ten years of a comprehensive consultancy and litigation experience in Civil Law, advising from multinational to family companies and private clients in the development of their business. Gabriel also has a distinguished role in crisis management providing legal inputs in line with the reality of clients to assist them in delicate decision-making processes in operations, negotiations or more complex litigation.

Gabriel is a member of the Legal and Tax Affairs Committee of the Brazilian Association of Direct Selling Companies (ABEVD).

English, Spanish and Italian


Roberta Carillo Ambrósio


Graduated and undergoing a post-graduation in Contracts by Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP), Roberta is a specialist in many areas of Civil Law.

With great experience in litigation, Roberta has been acting on the solution of civil lawsuits. Roberta’s main action is on cases related to contracts, civil responsibility and consumer’s law. Her practice is directed to attend the needs of corporate field.

Portuguese and English


Kauê Cardoso de Oliveira


Kauê is graduated from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University and Masters (LL. M) in Corporate Law from Insper – Institute for Teaching and Researching, where also has specialized on Private Equity and Venture Capital sector.

Kauê holds deep knowledge and experience within the corporate field and has been helping consolidated companies, start-ups and individuals in reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions, and divestment transactions.

Kauê is a member of the M&A Commission of the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA), the Brazilian Arbitration Committee (CBAr), the Brazilian Association of Arbitration Students (ABEArb) and of the Study Group in International Arbitration and Commercial Law of the Mackenzie Presbiterian University (GEAMack), to which he was coordinator and delegate during the 19th and 20th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot (Vienna, 2011/2013) and during the III and IV editions of the Brazilian Arbitration Competition Petrônio Muniz.

Portuguese, English and Spanish.


Andreia Moraes Silva


MBA Candidate at Getúlio Vargas Foundation, Andreia is specialized in indirect taxes, carrying in her resumé the experience as a municipal tax agent.

Andreia focuses her consulting practice towards indirect taxes, with emphasis in tax substitution and single-phased taxation, and her litigation practice has its main focus at the federal, state and municipal administrative levels, involving special regimes, tax audit management and administrative litigation.

She acts strongly in the tax planning of multinational companies from the structuring of the business plan to its effective operation and constant optimization of tax efficiency.

Andreia is a member of the Legal and Tax Affairs Committee of the Brazilian Association of Direct Selling Companies (ABEVD).

Portuguese and English


Victor Hugo Heydi Toioda


Victor Hugo is graduated from United Metropolitan Faculties (FMU) and an LL. M student at Insper – Institute for Teaching and Researching.

Victor Hugo has been advising large companies in complex tax matters, such as organizational planning, development of new transactions and tax due diligences, acting, as well, in litigation cases at the federal and state levels.

His consulting practice is focused on direct taxes, with emphasis in international taxation system and the diagnostic of tax opportunities.

Victor Hugo is a member of the Brazilian Institute of Tax Studies (IBET).

Portuguese and English.


Maria Eduarda Dias


Graduated from School of Law of São Bernando do Campo, Maria Eduarda has a deep experience in all areas of Labor Law, handling court hearings and legal consultancies focused on the business interests of national and multinational companies.

Her consulting and litigation practice are focused on the preparation of the labor strategy that best meets the needs of our clients.

Maria Eduarda works in conjunction with the Human Resources area guaranteeing the focus on business interests and supporting the construction of policies in compliance with the legislation and labor standards.

Portuguese and English


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We have large experience on a variety of contracts, from those of the productive chain of goods and services (supply, custom manufacture, distribution, commercial representation, direct sale etc.) to those regarding real estate operations, international transactions and financial deeds. Our litigation practice is tailored to meet the particularities of the case and to the needs of the business.


Beyond routine corporate proceedings (articles of association and by-laws, partners or shareholders’ agreements, minutes of shareholders or board of directors meetings etc.), attendance in strategic meetings and support upon registry and organization of corporate documents, we help our clients undergo the planning, preparation, negotiation and execution of transactions involving purchase and sale of equity investments, private equity operations, incorporations, merges, spin-offs and joint venture arrangements.


We act as of employee’s hiring process all the way to the preparation of administrative and judicial defense and union negotiations.
Our pratice always seeks alignment with the human resources department. In judicial litigation, our main focus is to solve the demands with efficiency, sense of reality and business standpoint.


Our tax advice extends from corporate day-to-day to complex domestic and cross border transactions.

We provide tax intelligence to succession planning and business structuring, both in Brazil and internationally.

Our litigation performance covers all stages of the tax administrative and judicial lawsuit and is guided by clarity and assertiveness of the pieces, active process monitoring and constant feedback to the client.

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  • Programa ROTA 2030 é aprovado e governo federal anuncia regulamentação


    Às vésperas do fim do prazo para conversão da Medida Provisória 843/2018, o Senado Federal aprovou o novo regime automotivo, conhecido como ROTA 2030.

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  • Início de julgamento sobre recolhimento do diferencial de alíquotas de ICMS pelos optantes do simples nacional é positivo


    O plenário do Supremo Tribunal Federal iniciou nesta quarta-feira, 7, o julgamento sobre a constitucionalidade da cobrança do diferencial de alíquotas do ICMS.

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  • Justiça proíbe o uso de termos concorrentes em ferramentas de AdWords

    10/01/2018   |    Publicado em: Terra

    Em um caso conduzido pela Scharlack Advogados, o Tribunal de Justiça de São Paulo decidiu que empresas não podem usar o nome de produtos vendidos por concorrentes na indexação de buscas do Google.

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  • Câmara realiza audiência para debater o futuro das criptomoedas no Brasil

    13/12/2017   |    Publicado em: Último Instante

    Bancos públicos apoiam regulamentação de moedas virtuais em audiência realizada na última terça-feira (12). Leia a matéria com nosso advogado especialista em investimentos, Dr. Kauê Cardoso

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